Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So, I haven't been around as much lately. I'd like to say it's because I’ve been unhappy since I read about the girl who decided to call her mother while she was eaten alive by bears. Or the fact that the furries are becoming organized. In reality I have more or less just been lazy.

You know, because that's what truly successful people do in their free time. Nothing. Well, that and I moved.

Really, I tend to trap myself in these vicious work cycles. It's a matter of setting one's self up for failure that has become my monthly hell. It breaks down into three basic parts.

Such a happy place.

Example: I wanted the type to tilt. See how well that went over? I had tea instead.

Oh, God.. Oh, God.. Oh, God...

It's a balancing act of just enough to get by. The basic thought process of the least amount of effort I can put out and still be able to get away with this. For those of you wondering, this cycle never turns out well and I more often than not end up sitting on my couch in sweats with a pint of ice cream bemoaning how I'll never be able to find time to update anything ever again between episodes of desperate housewives and the stalker like rate which I check The Bloggess. It's amazing I get anything done. Each time I get behind I swear it'll never happen again and a week later I'm back in the same boat.

On the upside, there should be a real post up soon. AND. The regular artist will be back. If we're all lucky, maybe I'll get my act together too.

Until then, have some art by someone with talent.

Ronas Out

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